Hi. I'm Steve Whitby.

We all have a story to tell. I can help you tell it more beautifully. Check out my short films, ask me about presentation design, or talk to The Catalyst Agency about bringing me to your campus.

Learn about what I do

I design, build, and tell amazing stories.

Let's collaborate to engage your students in a leading story,
or craft a visual wrapper for your own story, sales pitch, or event.

Programs for Students

I spend a lot of time on college campuses helping students discover their own stories and challenging them to dream about developing the Creativity Habit.
Talk to The Catalyst Agency about developing something great for your school.

Presentation Design

If you're already telling your own story at educational events, on college campuses, and in corporate board rooms, I can help craft your visual support materials (slides, films, motion) so your words have the freedom to be memorable.

Corporate Training

Have you ever wished your team was more interesting, more invested in your vision, or more engaged in the story you are telling? I love challenging people to develop the habits that free them up to be exceptional.
Let's invent a great challenge for your team.

Simplicity takes many forms.

Whether I'm teaching on campus, producing a short film, or building a design for your presentation,
I believe simplicity breeds beautiful stories that last.

Student Affairs Summer

In the summer of 2012, we built a short film to thank the professionals that lead students every day. Over 10,000 people watched it in the first 72 hours.

Put Down Your Phone

PDYP was the second in a series of web films designed to engage college students in the real world, instead of just the virtual one.

The Creativity Habit

My most popular campus program entices students to become more engaging leaders by embracing the stories they have to tell.

Let's talk.

Need help with a program? Want to design some visuals? Just need a good story? Reach out.

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